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In 21st Century, we perceived a paradigm shift towards the use of environmentally friendly method for sheet pile driving. The conventional sheet pile driving method which uses excessive dynamic energy to pound or vibrate sheet pile into the ground is no longer acceptable. Hence how do i write an essay to help my dad, we foresee the importance for the establishment of a new sheet piling company which aims to revolute the construction sigma essays industry using SILENT PILING TECHNOLOGIES.

ATSUNEW GIKEN derives from two words, “ATSUNEW” and “GIKEN”. The word “ATSUNEW” means “PRESS-IN” in Japanese. Meanwhile “GIKEN” is the founder of first press-in piling machine in the world (so called the SILENT PILER), based on reaction principle. The synergy to form AtsuNEW GIKEN Pte. Ltd. is a step forward, which is just timely to support the growing demand of sheet piling works using the environmentally friendly Silent Piler. AtsuNEW GIKEN Pte. Ltd. is should i sleep or write my essay established by Mr. Yoshitaka SAKAMOTO and Dr. GOH Teik Lim.


Mr. Yoshitaka SAKAMOTO has been working for GIKEN Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Japan) for over 20 years (stationed in Japan, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan before). During his 20 years of working career, he has mastered the mechanical custom wrting engineering for press-in machineries and the technical knowhow on the operation of Silent Piler. With the vast experiences dealing with the Silent Piler machineries, he is the key person in-charged of operation, ensuring the best performance of Silent Piler being carried out during sheet piling work at the jobsite.
Dr. GOH Teik Lim had his early education in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After graduation, he joined ARUP (Kuala Lumpur) as a consulting engineer. He came to Singapore to further his doctorate study in the National University of Singapore, researching on a deep excavation topic in soft ground. He started practising as a geotechnical engineer in SembCorp Engineers & Constructors, specialising in deep excavation works where he was involved in the construction of the longest cut-and-cover road tunnel in Singapore, so called the Kallang and Paya Lebar Expressway. He has then joined GIKEN Seisakusho Asia Pte., Ltd. (Singapore) as a Technical Manager and soon thereafter was promoted to General Manager, in-charge of ASIAN countries. He is currently a registered professional engineer in Singapore and Malaysia.

AtsuNEW GIKEN Pte. Ltd. is currently a registered BCA Licensed Specialist Builder in Piling Works. The company is currently focusing in sheet pile installation and extraction works using the SILENT PILER. Since its incorporation in 2010, the company is fast expanding its sheet piling business in Singapore (regional office for South East Asia countries) and Hong Kong (regional office for East Asia countries).

Our Mission

mission 5 elementsSILENT PILER is designed to adhere the Five Construction Principles.

If we analyse all the parties involved in any construction work, we can categorise them into three main groups: the client, the contractor and the general public. The ideal situation is when all three parties are in agreement and satisfied with the successful outcome of the construction work.

Problems arise when one of the parties becomes a victim of imbalance in this relationship. The conventional construction methods based upon principles that “more is paid for less efficient work” are no longer appropriate to present-day society. Universally acceptable construction methods must embody the Five Construction Principles.

With the adoption of the Five Construction Principles, AtsuNEW GIKEN Pte. Ltd. will provide technical solutions to handle difficult construction works so that sheet piling works in urban settings can be carried out in an environmentally friendly manner and free from pollution (ECO), work in safety and comfort with a systematic approach implementing the highest safety criteria (SAFETY), work done smoothly and the finished product portrays cultural and artistic flavour (CLEAN), work performed with an inventive mind to overcome all constraints at the lowest cost (ECON) and work completed in the shortest possible period of time (SPEED).